A real commitment to the environment. In order to provide the fastest shipping, without plastic and carbon neutral transport we will ship separately your jewelry and your clothes.

Good for the planet

We ship all orders without plastic. Green printing techniques environmentally friendly: our inks are Oeko-Tex, GOTS and VEGAN labels.

La Bouclette / Seoulite

La Bouclette does not simply sell clothes, we also support the artists who make the designs. Each piece was designed only for La Bouclette and each artist is paid and supported.

Our fabrics

All our fabrics come from the Stanley/Stella brand, a brand whose most important values are respect for people and the planet.

Our Clothes

Korean designs

A clothes brand with Korean designs. If you love South-Korea our brand is for you. It doesn't matter how you discovered Korea, with KPOP, K-DRAMAS, food or anything else. The important thing is you love Korea as much as we do. We created all our designs for people who love South-Korea and wants to proudly show it to the world.

Green Brand & Tips donation

-When we started to create the clothes part of La Bouclette we wanted to focus on being good for the planet and the environnement. This is why all our packages are without plastic, our clothes 100% biological coton and with vegan ink.

-100% of the tips will be donated to the 'Evergreen Regional Child Welfare' (Orphan Association in Seoul).

Our clothes

Korean fashion, Korean designs, from Seoul to your doorstep